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Fees have been suspended for 2016 - subscribe at no charge for the balance of 2016!

Subscription Fee:

There is a subscription fee of $45.00 CAD per year to be on the list, due on June 30 of each year (HST is included for Canadian residents, my HST number is: R104035076).

This fee is to pay for the server space and traffic charges as well as the administrative costs of the Listmaster, Don Robertson.  You can email him at to get set up.

For NEW subscribers there is a $45.00 CAD Set-Up Fee, but the subscription fee is waived for balance of the calendar year (July 1 to June 30) in which they join.

People who are members of Boatpokers, and who would like a subscription to the Marine Exchange forum as well can have the second subscription for an additional $20.00 CAD

The preferred payment method is PayPal, but we can also arrange to take MasterCard or VISA credit cards. All fees are processed in Canadian Dollars.

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